Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

Welcome to Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

Electronics and Communication Engineering is a field of Engineering that deals with study and application of electricity, electronics, electromagnetism, signal processing etc. It covers wide-range of subjects including electrical circuits, microprocessors, control systems, signal processing, image processing, telecommunication, automation, instrumentation etc. B.Tech in Electronics and communication Engineering program gives enormous job opportunities in electronics and software industries. The opportunities are also open in the field of research and development, higher education. Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering has been established in the year 2010.

List of Labs

  • Communication Engineering Lab(I & II)
  • Microprocessor and micro controller Lab
  • Basic electronic Lab
  • Electronics circuit Lab
  • Digital Electronics Lab
  • Electrical & Electronics workshop
  • Simulation Lab
  • Linear integrated circuit LAB
  • Computer programming Lab

Student Projects

  • Intelligent ambulance with automatic traffic controlling
  • RTA regulation for environment polluting vehicles
  • Wall climbing robot