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Welcome to SSNIT

Sadguru Swamy Nithyananda Institute of Technology was established in the year 2010 by Sri Nithyananda Vidya Kendra,Kanhangad. The main objective of the institute to impart quality engineering education and train the students as Competent Engineering Professionals. The institute is affiliated to KTU and recognized by All India Council for Technical Education , New Delhi and Govt of Kerala. The institute is emerging as one of the reputed upcoming engineering college in Kasaragod district of Kerala.

Shree Ntihyananda Vidya Kendra

Shree Ntihyananda Vidya Kendra was founded by Swami Janananda, an ardent disciple of Sadguru Swami Nithyananda in the year 1965 with support of devotees. In the year 1966, the Vidyakendra has made an attempt to establish Swami Nithayanda Polytechnic , at Kanhangad. Today, it is one of the polytechnic emerged as centre of excellence in Technical Education in kerala state. Later in the year 1993, Vidyakendra, has decided to entered into primary education sector and established Swami Nithyananda English Medium School (CBSE School), which is one of the prominent CBSE school in Keratal State . Sadguru Swami Nithyanda Institute of Technology was established in the year 2010 in Kanhinaga by Vidyakendra. Today, more than ----- students are studying in Nithyananda Vidyakendra institutions. Now Kanhanangad is become Centre for Excellence in Education in Kerala State.


Kanhangad is well known Coastal town in North region of Kerala State. It is belongs to Housadurg taluk of Kasargod district in Kerala state.It is on National Highway 66 between Kannur and Kasaragod and well connected to Kannur, Kozhikode, Trivandrum, Kasaragod and Mangaluru through Rail and Road. Bajpe International Airport, Manguluru is the nearest airport and is 94 km from Kanhangad via NH66.

Nityananda Ashramam

Kanhangad is also known for Nityananda Ashramam, which was founded by Swami Nityananda,. Who belongs to the scared tradition of Avadhoota Dattatreya guru.Swamiji (1920). Here Swami Nityananda constructed 45 guhas (caves) in a mountain slope. Nithaynanda Temple in the style and design of the Somanatha Temple in Gujarat was established in the year 1963. Here, a full size panchaloha statue of Swami Nityananda is a main attraction. Kanhangad is emerged as one of the spiritual and piligramage centre in south India.

Board of Directors

Sri. K.V. Madhavan

Vice President:
Sri. Anand Gupta

Sri. T. Premanand

Joint – Secretary:
Sri. B.Rajendra Shenoy

Sri. K. Damodaran


  • Sri. K.L. Ramachandra Khoday
  • Sri. L. Srihari Khoday
  • Sri. K.V. Ganeshan
  • Sri. A. Kammaran
  • Sri. P. Damodara Panicker
  • Sri. S.K. Kuttan
  • Sri. A. Velayudhan
  • Sri. V.V. Balakrishnan
  • Sri. Shivakumar K. Poduval
  • Sri. E. Sukumaran
  • Sri. K.V. Lakshmanan
  • Sri. P.K. Valsalan Master
  • Sri. P. Kamalakshan
  • Sri. K.V. Govindan
  • Sri. Vivek Nair
  • Sri. H.R Raveendranath
  • Sri. Naveen Ritesh
  • Sri. M. Krishnan
  • Sri. Venkatesh Prabhu

Academic Team

  • Dr.B .N SHANTHA PRIYA (Principal)
  • Sheeja T V (HOD CE)
  • Sooraj.G (AP CE)
  • Vijila Balakrishnan (AP CE)
  • Ashika K (AP CE)
  • Chikku Johny (AP CE)
  • Namitha K. (AP CE)
  • Shika S (AP CE)
  • Chandana V V (AP CE)
  • Nithin Raj (AP CE)
  • Shubhasree. V (AP CE)
  • Damodharan (AP CE)
  • Ramyasree (AP CE)
  • Sahana M P (AP CE)
  • Shika S (AP CE)
  • Reshma C V (AP CE)
  • Nimisha K (AP CE)
  • Roshini M.Balakrishnan (HOD CSE)
  • Jumana.T (AP CSE)
  • Anu George (AP CSE)
  • Sreerekha K.P (AP CSE)
  • Sneha Thomas (AP CSE)
  • jayasree T V (AP CSE)
  • Sharanya Kannan (AP CSE)
  • Dipina Damodaran (AP CSE)
  • Prinsha Prakash (AP CSE)
  • Shalakka (AP CSE)
  • Anoop Kumar (AP CSE)
  • Ashlin Jose (AP CSE)
  • Smera C.C (AP ECE)
  • Ashwini.V (AP ECE)
  • Nithin.C (AP ECE)
  • Veletta Elaine D’Souza (AP ECE)
  • Jiji M R (AP ECE)
  • Aruna S Padavil (AP ECE)
  • Shaithya V (AP ECE)
  • Muhammed Rajeesh P (AP ECE)
  • Shirin Sahana. A (AP ECE)
  • Lishamol Philip (AP ECE)
  • Sreerej.A (HOD ME)
  • Pradeep.G.S (AP ME)
  • Sarath Sasi (AP ME)
  • Mithun.P (AP ME)
  • Vineeth Vijay (AP ME)
  • Roshan Kiran (AP ME)
  • Jithesh.V (AP ME)
  • Dhanajith K.V (AP ME)
  • Vipin Krishna (AP ME)
  • Jayaraj U (AP ME)
  • Pisalo Gazal (AP ME)
  • Arun k v (AP ME)
  • Dileep A V (AP ME)
  • Noble Mathew (AP ME)
  • Raghu T V (AP ASH)
  • Reshma A V (AP ASH)
  • Satheesh Kumar M K (AP ASH)
  • Krishnan (AP ASH)
  • Vinod M A (AP ASH)
  • Sinimol manuel (AP ASH)
  • Sindhu M (AP ASH)
  • Maya P T (AP ASH)
  • A M John (AP ASH)